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Silvër Horizon Off the Record
(with play-along tracks)

A painstakingly detailed transcription of the drum tracks from Diablo’s Silvër Horizon album. The book is divided into two sections. First off we have the songs exactly like Heikki Malmberg played them in the studio. This part has a detailed diagram of the drum kit used to record the album, and every single kit piece has its own place on the staff. This makes it possible to figure out where any given limb at any given moment was on the kit.

The second half has all the songs arranged for a 5-piece drum kit. These versions omit some of the improvised finer details to facilitate better reading, and they can be easily adapted to any drum kit.

The package includes play-along tracks for all the songs on the album.


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Cornucopia of Warm-Ups for Stringed Instruments

This giant e-book contains over 1500 coordination exercises to perfect the techniques used by guitarists, bassists, violinists, etc. It also contains odd-time grooves, polymeters and polyrhythms to get you closer to the lean, mean playing-machine you want to be. The package also includes a Toontrack compatible MIDI-library, which contain click tracks and drum beats to backup your practice. (Includes the MIDI-library in General MIDI-format too)


"Guaranteed to take your technical abilities to the next level."
Bryan Beller (Steve Vai/Mike Keneally)


"You could literally work on these exercises for the rest of your life…"
Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse/Blotted Science)


"Heikki Malmberg offers a fresh approach into the world of technique and coordination."
Antti Kotikoski (Teacher at Musicians Institute L.A.)


"The most Creative and Comprehensive warm-up book to date"
Pekka Olkkonen (Stam1na)


"Serious students of stringed instruments will cherish this book for decades!"
Jaan Wessman (Independent)


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Basic Drum Beats

Everything starts with a well-played basic beat. Basic Drum Beats eBook contains 52 beat variations suitable for beginners. The package also contains audio examples (.mp3) of all the exercises.


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Icaros Off the Record

A meticulous transcription of the drum tracks from Diablo’s Icaros album and some more. The book is divided into three sections off of which the first one shows how Heikki Malmberg played his parts in the studio. The second section features all the songs newly arranged for a 5-piece drum kit. The third section contains over five hundred exercises that focus on ”stickings” and ”footings”.


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Overridden Shuffles

Learn how to override shuffles with a straight feel, thus creating polymeter-ish sounding grooves. Contains 48 exercises plus corresponding audio examples (.mp3).


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Double Bass Drum Shuffles With Fill-Ins

Learn to play cool double bass drum shuffle grooves and add bass drum "flurries" to them. Contains 256 exercises and corresponding audio files (.mp3).


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