Session drummer service


Need a proficient drummer for your record or the next gig?


In a nutshell:

  • Studio sessions
  • Gigs


Are you making an album, but don’t have a competent drummer for the studio? Are you a producer working with a band whose drummer is just not up to it? Maybe you have gigs lined up but your drummer just quit the band? All of the above are catastrophic situations, where you usually have to settle for a compromise or maybe even call off your gigs or studio time. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. With reasonable notice, a professional drummer can hop on board in just about any circumstances.



Photo by Mia Bergius


Heikki Malmberg

Founder of Halfway House Music Production. Malmberg is best known for his work with Finnish metal band Diablo. He has also been a part of many other acts, for example Manzana and Dame. As a session musician, Malmberg’s biggest gig was Stam1na’s 2007 summer tour. In addition to live work, he has recorded drums for a variety of bands, be it a three track demo or a full length album.

Genres: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Pop, Hard Rock & Metal
Location: Tampere





Photo by Mia Bergius


Rolf Pilve

Pilve is well known for his work with Finnish-Swedish band Solution.45. He also plays in many other bands, such as Random Eyes and Code for Silence. As a session musician, Pilve has done work for Timo Tolkki and he has played drums on an extensive collection of demos and albums by various artists.

Genres: Metal, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin & Schlager
Location: Helsinki


The price of the session drummer services is determined by the extent of the project, the level of skill required by the music and the amount of working hours put in the job.