Production services


Need help with composing or arranging? Or just somebody to whip your band into performing at their best in the studio?


In a nutshell

  • Help with composing and arranging
  • Supervising and planning projects in general
  • Counselling musicians
  • Adjusting the sound with the studio crew, in case the producer isn’t the one doing the recording and mixing
  • It’s best to have the producer on board as early as the demo stage, before going in the studio


The role of the producer is especially important today, when many bands and artists make their demos completely at home. This way they don’t always get direct and professional feedback for their composing and arranging decisions before they get to the studio. Having to learn and record new arrangements at that point eats up an amazing amount of extra money. This is why it’s wise to include the producer early on, in the demo-stage of the project. We Finnish people say that to plan well is to be half done, and no wonder. When you have arranged your songs even before you step into the studio, the producer and musicians can just concentrate on recording their best takes, and not waste time on anything else.

These days producers often do the recording as well. Depending on the budget though, it’s usually best to have a separate producer and studio staff. This way the producer doesn’t have to take the time to edit and arrange all the miking, but can concentrate on getting the best performances out of the musicians and mixing engineer. This way it’s also easier to record different songs or instruments in different studios, to get the best possible result.


The price of the production services is determined by the extent of the project and the amount of working hours put in the job.