Drum lessons


Out of new ideas or just started playing the drums?

If you answered yes to either of the questions, you could probably do with some professional guidance. We can teach you in special areas of your own interest or according to our specially tailored curriculums.



In a nutshell:

  • Beats and fills, doing these with style
  • Technique
  • Learning to read notation
  • Rudiments
  • Coordination
  • As a specialty, polymeters and polyrhythms


Our curriculums have been assembled so that the beginner learns notes, rudiments and other essentials almost without noticing while improving his basic playing skills. There is also an inbuilt margin for detours in the curriculum. If the student finds he has a special interest in a specific aspect of playing, we can explore that area further without seriously impeding the general course of the teaching.

More experienced drummers, amateur or professional, will get insightful guidance and new stimuli for developing their existing skills. Our special area of expertise is the world of polymeters and polyrhythms.


€29 per hour (incl. VAT)


Autumn term (19 lessons, starts on week 31)
€520 (incl. VAT)


Spring term (21 lessons, starts on week 1)
€580 (incl. VAT)


Complete school year (40 lessons, starts on week 31)
€1100 (incl. VAT)


Attention! We offer lessons during the summer too.